‘The Friends are the heart of the Elizabethan community, welcoming new families and helping them make the most of their time at the School. Over the last two decades their fundraising has also helped transform the fabric of our site so that we can offer current and future boys the very best facilities in which to learn.

When a boy secures a place at Queen Elizabeth’s, his parents automatically gain membership of ‘the Friends’, also known as FQE.

FQE has been in existence for many years, but in recent years it has clarified its mission. Firstly, it serves to assist new parents in ensuring their sons are happy and quickly become fully integrated members of the QE community. For example it traditionally hosts bowling evenings for those boys due to start in Year 7, to help forge early friendships for when they join the School. In addition, FQE facilitates social relationships between families, who get to meet and form friendships through FQE events. Parents typically form longstanding friendships with others and, in many cases, choose to maintain their association with the School well beyond the time their sons are with us. The Elizabethan community is incredibly strong and very welcoming.

‘Through our activities we make friends and join a network of contacts which can be of great value whilst our sons are at Queen Elizabeth’s’ (Barrie Martin MBE, FQE Chairman)

FQE also serves the needs of boys currently at QE by raising funds which support the requirements and aspirations of the School, enriching the educational experience it provides.

In recent years, The Friends have enabled the investment of substantial funds into the development of the School’s now first-class facilities. September 2006 saw the opening of a new eight lane swimming pool and a multi-purpose hall was completed in 2009. A Food Technology area was added in 2012, and the spacious and well-equipped Queen’s Library was completed in 2014, alongside a new Dining Room and Cafe. Our next exciting project is the creation of new music facilities, including a specialist recital hall.

All parents are encouraged to get involved – and there are many opportunities to do so! To assist with this, FQE has an established system of parent representatives from each form group to enable comprehensive networking. In addition, FQE also needs individuals who are happy to contribute as part of a specialist teams that organise events or carry out specific functions within the School.

Below are just some of the ways that the Friends of the School get involved and make a contribution to our community.