Our aim is to enable each pupil to fulfil his potential, whether he is intending to follow a career in Biology or for his own interest. The emphasis is on making learning enjoyable and exciting. Just as the biological sciences are presently progressing rapidly in the wider world, our course at Queen Elizabeth's School is moving forward apace. We have introduced cutting-edge practical work, utilising modern techniques of molecular biology.

We foster independent study, sound scientific methodology and proficiency in the use of IT, as well as developing confidence and skills in practical and field work. In-depth discussion is encouraged: we aim to nurture inquiring minds, empowering boys with a solid foundation of biological principles that will act as a spring board for those who wish to further develop their interest in Biology after leaving QE.

There are many valuable extra-curricular activities for our biologists. Year 12 boys visit the National Institute for Medical Research and the Sanger Institute in Cambridge to hear lectures on recent developments in medical research, talk to the scientists working on cutting edge projects and visit working scientific laboratories. 

Boys are encouraged to apply for a Nuffield bursary project during their summer holidays, giving them the opportunity to do ground-breaking research with PhD scientists.

The most committed and talented Year 13 boys take part in the prestigious Biology Olympiad examination organised by the Institute of Biology.  They regularly win gold medals, and have for the last 4 years reached the UK finals.  The younger boys are equally successful in the National Biology Challenge, which aims to encourage an interest in Biology beyond the school curriculum and stimulate curiosity in the natural world.

Biology discussion and project groups, together with Biology week all help to encourage the boys to follow their interests and explore all aspects of human, animal and plant biology in the world around them.

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