Careers Education at Queen Elizabeth’s focuses on the pupils’ developing their academic talents and personal characteristics, with the end goal of their realising a fulfilling professional life. Throughout lower School, pupils are encouraged to reflect on their academic progress, set themselves targets for improvement and explore varied career options during dedicated pupil progression sessions. The personalised approach is the cornerstone of Careers education and guidance at Queen Elizabeth’s. Self-evaluation and reflection is supported through various web-based activities which allow pupils to investigate independently their various career options and the required entry requirements. These include:

Year 9: ‘Looking Ahead’ - Planning for Options choices through structured web-based activities.

Year 10: ‘World of Work’ - Preparation for Work Experience placements, including placement research and CV writing.

Off-timetable days give pupils the opportunity to explore varied career options, practice their independent learning skills and develop their entrepreneurial spirit. These include:

Year 9: ‘Looking Ahead’ - Pupils get the opportunity to meet professionals from a range of careers and are tasked with solving typical scenarios encountered within the working day.

Year 10: Research Symposium - In teams, pupils are tasked with producing a critical analysis of a given topic using research skills developed through their Pupil Progression sessions. Aided by Year 12 Extended Project Qualification students, the day culminates in pupils presenting their research findings and defending their analysis.

Year 11: Careers Convention - An open evening for pupils and parents to meet with representatives from a range of professions. The aim of the evening is to gain a flavour of the myriad of career options open to them and the entry requirements they will need to satisfy.

Year 11 pupils are also offered the opportunity to take the Cambridge COA Careers Brief Analysis to help highlight course/career options, suited to their aptitudes and interests, which they may not have considered.

Work Experience takes place at the end of Year 11, and boys are expected to find for themselves, with the help of their parents, a placement which they will find valuable.


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