Our aim at Queen Elizabeth's School is to ensure academic excellence for all our students, but what good is that excellence if not accompanied by the ability to put it to good use in society and to be a fine citizen? The aim of Citizenship at QE is to ensure that all pupils are aware of the world they live in - its laws, values and beliefs - and that they make an active contribution to it while at the School and subsequently in the outside world. It is not just about preparation for adult life; it is about striving for a harmonious community which seeks unity, regardless of colour or creed, sex or doctrine.

In essence, everything at QE is governed by the desire for our students to be good citizens. For example, the traditions of the School, the rewards available and the positions of responsibility offered all make an essential contribution. But there is also a learning aspect:

  • At Key Stage 3 Citizenship is taught as part of Religion and Society, a subject which is unique to QE and which allows our students to link some of the key strands in the Citizenship curriculum, such as rights and responsibilities, with similar strands in the Religion curriculum. 
  • At Key Stage 4 the subject is delivered in a cross-curricular way across all departments.
  • By Key Stage 5 all our students take part in voluntary service. We are proud of the contributions they make in the local community, from those helping in local primary schools, charity shops and orchestras to those looking towards a medical career who assist in local hospitals. This is not just a means to the 'end' of a university place; the placements allow our students to reflect critically on their achievements.

There are a vast number of extra-curricular societies at Queen Elizabeth's School. These, as well as the trips, competitions and other opportunities offered by individual departments all contribute to Citizenship education.

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