Politics at Queen Elizabeth's School is taught only in the Sixth Form and is an A Level course. Politics classes are relatively small.

The linear course is divided between studies of government in the UK, government in the USA and a unit of study focused on political ideas and theories. An AS examination is taken at the end of Year 12 focused on government in the UK and there are three examinations at the end of Year 13 to complete the linear A level.

We expect pupils to relate what they learn in class to the world around them, and in this sense the syllabus is always changing. Pupils are expected to read the quality press and good websites for political news reports, keeping an eye to political events in both the UK and USA. These events include elections, comings-and-goings in government, important pieces of legislation and activities by parties and pressure groups.

As is the nature of modern education, have embraced technology to change the way in which Politics is studied, with an emphasis on the ‘flipped learning philosophy.’ So independent learning is followed by classroom discussions. Learning materials are comprehensively in place in eQE to enable independent study. PowerPoint presentations, notes topic guides and extension reading steer students through the various topics, and we make full use of a rich supply of materials from examiners and other teachers of Politics.

Whilst boys inevitably start with limited previous exposure to the topics covered in Politics, nonetheless a good number proceed each year to take university courses that feature political study. PPE at Oxford and HSPS at Cambridge are often the chosen targets, but at least a handful each year continue with Politics or branch out into related courses such as law, philosophy or other social sciences.

Attendance at Sixth Form revision conferences is a regular feature of A Level Politics at QE. In addition, boys usually hear from a range of speakers; recent examples include a BBC newsreader and a Cabinet Secretary. The School's Politics Society, run by students, debates contemporary matters and provides an opportunity for those outside the sixth form.

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06/06/2017 - Clear result in QE’s mock General Election

QE’s mock General Election generated enthusiastic debate and resulted in an emphatic victory for the Labour candidate – while an old boy of the School has been commissioned to write a poem for the same party in the real poll.


26/05/2017 - Secure in the knowledge: learning from a defence expert

An international expert gave boys fascinating insights into the worlds of security, foreign policy and defence in the latest talk in QE’s lecture programme.