Pupil Progression

Queen Elizabeth’s approaches the education of its pupils holistically. Our aim is to develop pupils as self aware, healthy and motivated young men.

A programme of Pupil Progression studies, undertaken during tutor periods, ensures that our pupils not only achieve excellent academic standards, but mature into well-rounded, active members of society. The Pupil Progression course of study focuses on three main themes of Personal Development, Careers Education and Independent Learning, which develop and build as the boys move up through the School.

Personal Development Time, which consists of dedicated sessions led by the Form tutor, ensures that pupils cope with the upheaval of transition to their new School, whilst in Years 8 and 9 we use external speakers to tackle the important and sensitive issues of sex and relationships education, and the dangers of drugs and alcohol in our society.

Careers Education sessions make use of interactive web-based activities and themed events to introduce pupils to as wide a range of careers as possible. Highlights of these include the Careers 4U workshops in Year 9, dedicated work experience preparation sessions in Year 10 and the Careers Convention in Year 11. Pupils are encouraged throughout the year to reflect on their progress, both academically and outside the classroom, to identify their personal aptitudes and highlight those skills which they can improve over the coming year.

Independent Learning is embedded throughout the academic curriculum at Queen Elizabeth’s. To support this, the Pupil Progression Curriculum dedicates time in each School year to the explicit teaching of research and study techniques. These skills are then applied to contextual problems and Extended Project work stretching and challenging students to think outside of their taught syllabus.


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