Fallen in World War I, 1914-18

E. T AlfordA.H.M Lewis
H.G BaileyA.G Livermore
J. BarberA.W Lundie
E.H BeachA.M McReady Diamid
W. BearmanW.K.L Mansbridge
D.H BennettW.H Nunneley
D.W BothwellL.A Robinson
L.H BrewertonJ.F Rourke
E.S BridgesN. Rowley
I.J. ChallisA.L Smith
L.O ChapmanF.E Sparkes
H.R.E ClarkE.H Storey
A.S CookW.H Wall
A.R CreeseR.D Weight
F.E.F CrispW.W Weston
D.E CruickshankS.P Whittard
J.L CuffeA.D Wilkinson
S.F DennisonE.V Williams
J.W EnerbyC.H Wreford
J.A FieldL.W Wreford
W.P FriendW.H Wreford
F. HickmanA.R Woods
G.M IngmireE.J Yells
C.E LargeF.H Yolland

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