Charities - The Sai School Appeal

Queen Elizabeth’s is proud of its association with the Sri Sathya Sai English Medium School in Vellanad, Kerala, a village in South West India.

Charities - The Sai School Appeal

Sri Sathya Sai English Medium School, Kerala

Since 2002, Queen Elizabeth’s has supported the Sri Sathya Sai School, which educates children in the English language.

The Sai School Appeal team consists of ten Sixth Form students whose work is co-ordinated by QE science teacher Hinesh Shah. The Appeal’s main target is to secure sufficient sponsorship to support the equivalent of a Queen Elizabeth’s form of 30 pupils throughout their full-time education in Kerala.

Recent fundraising initiatives have included:

  • a swimathon in which the team of 10 students swam a total of 25km in the School’s Martin pool. The sponsorship for the swim secured in excess of £2000
  • a Founder’s Day Fete stall from which the campaign’s funds were bolstered by the sale of freshly made mango milkshakes
  • a Staff-versus-Sixth Form football match which raised £260

Over the years the partnership between Sri Sathya Sai and QE has been strengthened through the work of recent leavers; a number of Old Elizabethans have visited the Vellanad school for work experience.

Support from pupils and parents at QE has helped the Sri Sathya Sai School to secure some remarkable developments. The School has moved from rented accommodation to a well-established campus and the roll has increased each year so that it now stands at more than 400. Its campus is spread over two acres, comprising five buildings, housing children in classes from kindergarten through to Year 12, the final school year in Kerala. Nonetheless, many of the facilities require substantial investment: classrooms are without electricity and some temporary classrooms are exposed to the elements, resulting in rain coming in over the half-built walls.

Queen Elizabeth’s currently sponsors 21 children who would normally have gone to a local government school. Parents in the local community are keen for their children to benefit from an education in the English language, as offered at the Sai School.

Just as pupils at Queen Elizabeth’s successfully compete against students from the very best schools in the country, so too pupils at the Sai School. They compete in local, state and national competitions and have an excellent record. They have trophies for their successes in a range of endeavours and students at the School have been extremely successful in public examinations irrespective of their backgrounds and despite the modest resources of the School. Such achievements reflect the very hard work of the staff and their belief that all children should have the opportunity to have a good education.

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The Sai School’s headteacher, Dr K S Supriya, the management team and all the staff have a very clear vision of how they want to continue to improve the lives of young people in India. They have plans to improve the facilities for the School so that children are not exposed to the weather in lessons, so that they have light to work by and a playground to run and play in. The aim of the partnership is to continue to provide facilities and resources whilst supporting children who would not normally be able to afford such an education. .

For further details or to give to the India Appeal, please contact the Headmaster or Mr Shah at the School.

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