Pastoral care

Our mission is to produce boys who are confident, able and responsible

Pastoral care

We want our boys to be happy and successful at School and to grow up to be confident, able and responsible. The extensive QE Personal Development Time (PDT) programme fulfils an important function in giving boys an understanding of their moral role in the School and in the wider world, while our Home-School Agreement sets out the respective responsibilities of the School, parents and pupils.

A comprehensive Induction Programme is in place for new Year 7 boys and their parents in the summer term prior to their starting secondary school in September. These afternoons allow Year 6 boys to feel confident and happy about the transfer from their smaller primary schools to the larger setting of QE, by providing boys and parents with a taste of life at QE and allowing boys to get to know the School site and key members of staff.

Our bespoke tutoring system, which begins right from the start of Year 7, ensures that each boy’s performance and academic progress is monitored in detail once every half-term. Both the boys and their parents play an important part, along with the Form Tutors, in setting and following through on the targets set. Proper use of the homework diary is also of great importance in ensuring boys’ progress: we ask parents to sign it weekly to confirm that their son has kept the diary up to date and that he has completed his homework. For boys who need particular assistance, whether the issue is academic or personal, a staff mentor will be appointed.

We believe it is important to praise and acknowledge effort and attainment. In the Lower School, we operate a system of merits, which also count towards a weekly House competition. Commendations and the awarding of prizes at our Junior and Senior Awards ceremonies also provide valuable incentives for boys to achieve at the highest level.


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