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APRIL 2020
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Letter from the Headmaster
Dear Parents and Boys
My greetings from our very quiet School buildings: this is certainly the strangest end-of-term message I have ever composed. I wanted to write to you, both parents and boys, to update you on how Queen Elizabeth’s School is responding to the pandemic and to provide some information and guidance that I hope will be useful to you.

These are unsettling times for us all, and great uncertainty still surrounds the coming weeks and months. During this time, our top priority is the wellbeing of all those in the Elizabethan community.

With this email, Deputy Head (Pastoral) David Ryan has drawn up some suggestions on how all of us can maintain emotional wellbeing. In it, he refers to the importance of focusing on the positive aspects of life and on drawing strength from the way in which others have overcome difficulties in the past. At Queen Elizabeth's School, we have withstood other grave challenges in our 447-year history; I am confident that the Elizabethan community will prove resilient now, too.

One immediate consequence of the current crisis was the cancellation of this summer's public examinations. While I well understand the disappointment that many of our boys are feeling at being thus deprived of the opportunity to show their prowess, they are still to receive grades, so the transition to university should continue in a similar way to normal. As more details of the process for awarding grades are set out by Ofqual and others, we will share these with those families affected.

Mr Ryan’s list of suggestions begins with the importance of establishing routines. It is also where Deputy Head (Academic) Anne Macdonald begins her tips on remote learning. And it is a point that I would emphasise to the boys, too: do, please, create and follow a timetable for yourself. During term-time, this is relatively easy, since your usual timetable provides a framework. In the holiday period, it may well be useful to retain some structure in this way, too.

I am proud to say that our teachers have put an in extraordinary amount of work in a short period of time to ensure boys have access to all the resources they need to engage with the curriculum and keep learning in a systematic and scholarly way, under expert supervision and guidance. Both teachers and boys are finding their way with this, as we explore together the full potential of the eQE platform for effective teaching and learning. Careful thought is being given to how we can further develop and refine our new, virtual version of the QE experience. Just like the non-virtual version, we are certainly seeking to make it as interactive and exciting as possible.

Remote learning finishes today, resuming at the start of the Summer Term, on Monday 20th April. We have included with this email some suggestions for activities over the Easter holidays.

We have already seen an outpouring of creativity, including the boys who have supported our Head of Technology, Michael Noonan, by using their home 3D printers to supplement the work he is doing with the School’s own machines to manufacture vital Personal Protective Equipment for NHS staff. We have many such medical people, and indeed other key workers, in our community, both parents and Old Elizabethans: I am full of admiration for all who are working so hard at this time. I look forward to hearing about all the other exciting things that boys get involved with at home as they adjust to this temporary way of life.

I trust that you will enjoy the latest issue of our Elizabethan newsletter, detailing the events of the busy and successful term that we enjoyed before the current restrictions were put in place

My very best wishes to you all. Thank you for your understanding and support, please stay in touch and, to repeat a widely used but nonetheless appropriate sentiment: stay safe. With best wishes,

Mr Neil Enright
The Elizabethan: Newsletter to Parents. Spring 2020
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Doing something different?
Tell us about it using our new email address for boys: news@qebarnet.co.uk
You can send us information and photos about anything new or creative that you are involved in at home. We’ve already heard from pupils who have written poems, built models, improvised ways of playing table-tennis and made face shields for medical staff using their own 3D printers. So, what have you been doing?
Email us your news
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#stayathome holidays
All remote learning stops today, Friday 3rd April, and resumes at the start of the Summer Term, on Monday 20th April.

In the meantime, don’t get down, get creative! Just as Shakespeare did in his time, modern Elizabethans can rise to the challenge of social isolation by exploring a host of exciting and fun activities to stretch you mentally and physically, develop your artistic side and help others.
QE Home Enrichment during the Easter Holidays
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Tips for remote learning
Want to make the best use of your study time at home? Deputy Head (Academic) Anne Macdonald has produced these handy hints to help you with your remote learning.
Find out more
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All well and good: emotional resilience during the crisis
David Ryan, Deputy Head (Pastoral), has some tips for boys and their parents on how to maintain psychological wellbeing during this challenging time.
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Image of Senior Awards
For our Year 13 and Year 11
Assistant Head, Michael Feven (Pupil Development) has produced some guidance on eQE for Year 13 regarding their progression to university.
Year 13: Find out more
For Year 11, here is an introduction to your Summer Term remote learning programme and the extended transition to A-levels.
Year 11: Find out more
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