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JUNE 2020
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Front of School
Letter from the Headmaster
Dear Parents and Boys

In this special edition of QE Update, we look forward to what is always a great highlight of the QE year, namely Founder’s Day. And yet, of course, exciting and innovative as this year’s programme is, Saturday 20th June 2020 will inevitably be very different from all previous Founder’s Days because of the continuing effects of the coronavirus crisis.

Queen Elizabeth’s School cannot, and indeed should not, be isolated from the outside world and from all that is going on in wider society. We acknowledge the impact both of Covid-19 and of the issues being brought under the spotlight by the current #BlackLivesMatter protests on very many members of our Elizabethan community, including both current families and alumni.

At times such as these, the need for us to come together as a community is greater than ever. Founder's Day is an opportunity for us to remind ourselves and each other of the importance of our shared bonds and our shared objectives, and of why we are fortunate to be part of a School such as QE.

The event brings to the fore the strength and breadth of an Elizabethan community united in a desire to support one another, to treat others with equity, and to show kindness and compassion to all. It is a demonstration, too, of how much people care about the fortunes of the boys and of others they know through the School.

Thanks to a great deal of hard work from FQE committee members and others, we have drawn up a superb virtual Founder’s Day programme that embraces fun and creativity alongside cherished tradition as we celebrate together and support the School and its endeavours.

Through the effective use of modern technology, all of us can play a part in Founder’s Day 2020 – just as we can all play a part in looking after one another and supporting causes greater than ourselves through volunteering and charity fundraising (as many of our boys have been doing during the lockdown), and by reflecting on how our actions and outlook impact on others.

At Queen Elizabeth’s School, we maintain an unswerving desire to provide the best opportunities and experiences possible for all pupils. Over many years, parents have given unstintingly to support us in this: I am extremely grateful for the generosity that has been so consistently shown.

Especially in these turbulent times, with their attendant negative impact on School finances, I urge you to continue your financial support through The Friends of Queen Elizabeth’s, in order that planned developments, such as our new Music School, come to full fruition and the School continues to thrive.

I trust that you will all have an enjoyable Founder’s Day.

Enright Signature
Mr Neil Enright
Quote by Thomas Mgbor and Ayodimeji Ojelade

“The School has an important responsibility to speak out against inequality”: opening a dialogue about race

A new forum for discussing vital issues such as race, with respect to the School community and wider society, is being established in the wake of the killing of George Floyd in the United States and in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Created in close partnership with Vice-Captains Thomas Mgbor and Ayodimeji Ojelade, the platform seeks to enable thoughtful and open conversations about critical societal issues, not least race and discrimination. This would not only be within the context of anti-black racism, but, in time, other forms of racism such as anti-Asian, Islamophobic or Antisemitic racism, as well as covering a diverse range of global issues on which it is important to think critically.

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Image of school front and pupil

Introducing Virtual Founder’s Day 2020 

The Stapylton Field may be quiet and neither boys nor their teachers will be getting a soaking in the stocks this year, but there is still no shortage of fun and interest at Virtual Founder’s Day 2020.

Tune in at noon on the day itself – Saturday 20th June – for our special Founder’s Day YouTube Premiere. There will be contributions from pupils, staff and Old Elizabethans reflecting some of our treasured Founder's Day traditions. The School’s musicians will be showcasing some of their best performances produced during lockdown. And look out, too, for a special appearance by OE and TV personality, Robert Rinder.

As detailed elsewhere in this edition of QE Update, there’s a unique opportunity to join in with an online cook-along on YouTube led by expert chef Nik Gulhane directly after our main broadcast. The day will also see the launch of a special episode of Roundness, the recently launched podcast from The Queen's Library.

Founder’s Day is, of course, FQE’s major annual fundraiser. As set out below, The Friends have set up a Founder’s Day 2020 JustGiving page. The School is deeply appreciative of all contributions made.

Image of Founder's Day

How to give 

The Friends of Queen Elizabeth’s have launched a dedicated Founder’s Day 2020 JustGiving page to make it quick and easy for parents and supporters to give to the School.

The Founder’s Day Fete organised by FQE is the single biggest fundraiser for QE, annually bringing in around £20,000. With the School suffering a significant loss of lettings income through the pandemic, this financial support is more vital than ever this Founder’s Day.

The Headmaster says: “We are tremendously grateful for the support the Elizabethan community provides. The fantastic results are plain for all to see – such as the superb Queen’s Library, our multi-purpose Shearly Hall, the Martin Swimming Pool and a marvellous Dining Hall. We have ambitious goals for further outstanding facilities, including the Music School project, so please give generously and ask friends, family members and neighbours to do likewise – and why not leave a message of support on the JustGiving page?”

JustGiving: FQE Virtual Founder's Day 2020
Image of QE pupils

Parent to parent: “your donation will really make a difference”
in “these tough Covid-19 times"

Leaders of The Friends of Queen Elizabeth’s have joined their voices to urge fellow parents to dig deep to support the School on Founder’s Day.

FQE Executive Committee member Mrs Anna Westcott says: “This year, the need to raise funds is even more acute due to the severe impact of Covid-19 on the income of the School – like many organisations QE has been hit hard. Your donation will really make a difference, as every penny will count towards helping the School.”

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Image of music auditorium

Music School: the next movement

Here is one of the latest artist’s impressions of the performance hall in the new QE Music School.

The Headmaster says: “The tender process is nearing its conclusion and we hope to be appointing a contractor soon to take this transformative project forward.”

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Image of curry ingredients

Curry cook-along! An exclusive Founder’s Day opportunity

Chef Nik Gulhane is offering QE families a unique chance to learn how to cook a special Founder’s Day lunch live on YouTube.

Although anyone can watch, Nik, Founder of North London’s Spice Monkey cookery school, is especially encouraging QE pupils to try their hand at cooking – and urging them to get sponsorship to raise funds for the School for doing so.

Watch Nik’s introduction and get your ingredients list
Image of Dhruv Chadha

Caring in the crisis

As the UK’s Volunteers’ Week draws to a close this weekend, the School salutes the sterling efforts of all those in the QE family who have been volunteering in their communities since the Covid-19 crisis began. Many boys have been undertaking charity fundraising, and bike ride challenges seem particularly popular, with pupils such as Year 9’s Dhruv Chadha (pictured here) taking to the saddle, in his case to support a homeless charity.

The Headmaster says: “In a normal year, QE boys contribute about 7,000 hours collectively in voluntary service and, in that tradition, I would encourage pupils to do whatever they can do safely in the present circumstances to help others – including, of course, supporting the FQE’s fundraising efforts on Founder’s Day and beyond.

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