Old Elizabethan Association

Old Elizabethans - Activities

The Association encourages members with an interest in common to use its networking facilities to pursue that interest, whether social, sporting, business or professional, as a Section.

The Sections are self-governing and self-financing: they have permission to use the name and logo but do not receive a subsidy from Association funds nor have any role in its governance.

Each Section has its own constitution that may include provision for:

  • Additional subscriptions or attendance fees to be payable;
  • OEs who are not members of the Association, or other interested persons, to participate in its activities.

The currently active Sections are listed below, with, where relevant, a link to a subsidiary page that provides further information about its activities and who to contact. Changes to the list are notified on the Bulletins Page and in The Elizabethan.

200 Club (raises funds to support Association activities)

Since 1980 The 200 Club has contributed many thousands of pounds in support of The OE Playing Field Company (Gypsy Corner), Memorial Ground, The OE Association and The School.

For a modest investment of just £12.00 a year for each number subscribed to, members qualify to participate in prize draws that are at present held in June and December of each year. Results of the draws are published in The Elizabethan and will in future also be posted on the bulletin board of this website. Of course you may apply for more than one number to increase your chance of winning by just amending the subscription shown to £24, £36 and so on.

Membership is open to all OEs and to anyone with an interest in the ongoing success of The Association and The School. Any member may subscribe to an unlimited number of entries. If you currently subscribe by cheque, perhaps you would consider transferring your method of payment to bank standing order as this would substantially reduce our administration costs.

The total prize fund for the current year is £675.00. The December draw has a top prize of £200.00.

To subscribe to The OE 200 Club, click on the link below to download a membership application form and standing order mandate. Please complete and sign both parts of the form and return it to me by post. Your membership details will be confirmed to you by e-mail.

New members are always welcome and the continued support of existing members is very much appreciated.

The Old Elizabethans 200 Club is subject to the Lotteries Regulations 1993 and is registered with and licensed by the London Borough of Barnet.

Association Football

The Association Football Club is not at present running its own team(s) but OEs interested in playing are very welcome to contact Richard Weekes for details of the clubs that use the Memorial Playing Field facilities.

Barnet Elizabethans Rugby Club

This leading amateur club in North London offers playing facilities for adults, juniors and minis (from ages 7 upwards) of either gender. The ground and pavilion are close to the School at:

Byng Road, Barnet, Herts EN5 4NP 020 8449 0040

The club constantly seeks new players and members of all ages and ability, for its thriving Mini and Junior Section, the Colts (U17s/U18s), the Development squad (U18s to U21s) and its Senior Section. Full coaching is available.

Even if you are not interested in playing, we have an active social membership you can join, along with your parents or siblings.

For more information, visit the Club website at


Business Club

On 21 January 2011 the OEBC launched their group on the LinkedIn platform. With an initial rush of members in the first quarter of 2011, the forum attracted an average of 15 to 20 new old boys a month.

As of the end of May 2012, over 325 individuals have joined the group. Whilst the site is open to all comers, over 95% of the joiners used to be at school at QE Boys in Barnet. It is testament to the school and the nurturing at an early stage that the majority of the members of the group are at the senior or management levels of their industries. 102 members class themselves as senior managers, 47 are company directors, 37 are middle managers,19 are business owners and a similar number are partners in their firms.

The geographical spread of members is interesting in that only 38% are in London, the balance being spread over the rest of the UK and worldwide. Over 10% of the members are in the financial service industries and 7% are in IT. Banking holds 11% of the members with Law at 4%.

The busy discussion board features polls on when members left the school (the 70s are in the lead on that one), a members in construction sub-group who are networking between themselves, careers advice, the OEs dinner and messages from the OEs and School where the OEBC can help.

With growth in the group running at 100 new members a year, we are looking forward to hitting 500 in the not too distant future.

I am also helping to manage the Queen Elizabeth’s School LinkedIn group as a separate exercise and we now boast 110 members of mainly the youngest generation of school leavers. Started by Laurent Lemberger in 2009, the growth is now accelerating as more people move to LinkedIn as a networking tool.

If you are interested in joining us, please apply at:

Cricket Club

The Old Elizabethans (Barnet) Cricket Club was formed in 1940 and is the third to bear the name. It initially was a nomadic club, but after the war settled first at Tudor Rod sports ground in New Barnet and then at the War Memorial Playing Fields in Mays Lane Barnet.

The club is an open club, but retains its links with QEBS by way of the annual Past versus Present cricket game played at Stapleton Field in early July. Our playing membership also includes about twenty OEs.

Founders Sunday remain a key date in our calendar and we host a 6 a side tournament each year on the third Sunday in June. Bar open from noon.

The club has been a member of the Hertfordshire Cricket League since the early 1970s and fields two XIs, one currently in division 4 and the other in division 10. A 3rd XI has been entered into the league for the 2007 season.

Division 4 is the highest league standing we have attained and 2007 will be our third season at that level. In addition a Sunday XI and occasional Sunday 2nd XI play social cricket.

We have a strong colts section, with under 11, under 13 and under 15 XIs competing in the Middlesex Colts cricket league. Those OEs with children in this age range who wish to get involved in colts cricket are welcome to attend our Friday night sessions which run between April & August.

All OEs are welcome to become either playing or non playing members. Anyone interested in joining should contact Mark Chenery, details below. We have a small but supportive group of Vice Presidents and we would be delighted to add to this esteemed list.

Forty Society (a luncheon club for Members who left 40 or more years ago)

The Society exists to promote good fellowship among Old Elizabethans of similar vintage, and to take an interest in the current activities of the School.

Membership is open to all former pupils of the School who left forty or more years ago. There is no subscription but those members attending a meeting are expected to pay the requisite amount, normally calculated just to cover any costs involved, in advance and certainly no later than the end of the meeting concerned.

Meetings, usually in the form of luncheons at Gypsy Corner, with a speaker, are held at regular intervals, normally in the spring and autumn each year. The cost of attendance covers the food and wine, but not pre-luncheon drinks: there is a raffle from which the proceeds are donated to either the School or the Playing Fields Company.

The Society is managed by a Committee consisting of a Secretary, Treasurer and one other member, who hold office for 12 months and are (re-)elected at the AGM.

Golf Society

The Society is in sporting terms "Wanderers" in so far as its members meet up two or three times a year, for the day, at courses in the Home Counties and play competitive rounds, for example, Greensome Foursomes or Stableford.

It does not have a "home" club and there are therefore no facilities for members to practise, have tuition or purchase equipment.

Nonetheless, the meetings are basically fun occasions despite the serious endeavours to win; and new OE participants are always welcome. You do not have to be a member of the Association or play off a single figure handicap!

There is a nominal £ 5 annual subscription to cover administration expenses and then a break-even charge to attend each meeting to cover the cost of green fees. There is otherwise little in the way of formality, just a 5 minute AGM at the autumn meeting.

Masonic Lodge

Old Elizabethans Lodge No. 7987 in the Province of Hertfordshire.

Motto: "God and My Right".

Meeting are held at the Halsey Masonic Hall in Cheshunt.

Meeting Dates: 3rd Thursday in October (Installation)

2nd Monday in March

1st Thursday in May

1st Thursday in December

Freemasonry does not deserve its sometimes adverse reputation. It is a society of men who prize honour and virtue above the external advantages of rank and fortune. It is also very enjoyable! Contrary to popular belief, Freemasonry is the largest contributor to charity after the National Lottery, and the majority of the charities we support are non-masonic. Over the last 5 years, the Old Elizabethan's Lodge alone has raised in excess of £8,700 for charities such as The Stroke Association, Hope and Homes for Children, The National Institute of the Blind and the Isabel Hospice.

The OE Lodge was conceived in the 'back parlour' of the Founding Master's (the late W. Bro. Sandy Powell) house in Edgware in 1963, fulfilling a desire amongst a group of Old Elizabethans to establish a Craft Lodge and perpetuate the friendships and associations created while students at the School.

A number of fathers of former pupils became Founder Members and until recently membership of the Lodge was exclusively for the OEs or their close relatives. This link with the School is reflected in the Lodge Crest (and banner logo) which is based on the School crest.

Do please make contact if you are interested in further background about the Lodge and its activities.

Memorial Playing Fields Company

Old Elizabethans (Barnet) Playing Fields Limited was incorporated on 31st August 1950 in order to lease the Memorial Playing Fields at Gypsy Corner from the then Barnet Borough Council. The Association itself was not an appropriate legal entity for this purpose. The paid up capital of the Company comprises seven £ 1 shares, each of which is held by a member of the Association. The Association controls the ownership of the shares by holding transfers signed by each of the seven shareholders.

There is a Board comprising nine directors who act voluntarily and, as far as possible, are representative of the organizations (currently 7) that have formal agreements to use the facilities. A Management Committee is appointed to look after the maintenance of the playing field and the pavilion.

The Board is actively seeking to improve the facilities at the site and extend the use of the playing field and the pavilion. A Development Committee has been established to identify suitable schemes and investigate potential sources of the necessary Funds.

Any member requiring further information with regard to the Company or who might be interested in participating in the Company's activities should contact Michael Woolf, the Hon. Secretary.

Social Club

The Social Club is based at Gypsy Corner but is wholly separate from the Memorial Playing Fields Company in terms of governance, name and operations.

It looks after social functions at the ground and the bar facilities. It is also the vehicle used for licensing purposes and therefore, because it is to all intents and purposes a private bar, it is not open to the general public. However, each full member of the Association has membership of the Club paid for out of the annual subscription, so is entitled to use the bar when it is open.

The Social Club is run by a Committee comprised of chairman, secretary and treasurer who are elected at an AGM held on the same evening as the Association's.

Enquiries about the Social Club and its opening hours should be made to its chairman, Jonathan Smith.