QE flourished under the guidance of early governors and headmasters. It then suffered financially in the period after the Civil War, but began to progress steadily again in the 18th century.

William Moffett 1579-1591
John Boyle B.D. -1597
Thomas Turner MA 1598-1599
Richard Boyle MA 1599-1602
Thomas Meriall MA 1608-1612
John Smith 1612-1618
Matthias Milward MA B.D. -1633
George Smalwood MA 1633-1644
Francis Storr BA 1645-1646
John Smith MA 1646-1651
Thomas Broughton BA 1652-1654
William Sclater MA 1654-1663
Daniel Barnes MA 1663-
Thomas Gregory c.1677
Joseph Thomas MA -1689
James Barcock MA 1689-1719
Edward Saunder 1720-1727
Francis Fielding 1727-1740
John Gray 1740-1787
John Smith 1787-1796
Samuel Lambrick 1796-1800
George Porter B.D. 1800-1801
William Marr B.D. 1801-1825
William Austin Morgan 1825-1837
James Alexander Wood BA 1837-1840
Nathaniel Baily 1840-1842
Thomas Cox LL.D. 1842-1852
Clayton Palmer LL.D. 1852-1854
Charles Presdee 1854-1873
John Bond Lee MA 1875-1906
William Lattimer MA 1906-1929
Ernest Harold Jenkins MA 1930-1961
Timothy Bracey Edwards MA 1961-1983
Eamonn Harris MA 1984-1999
John Marincowitz PhD 1999-2011
Neil Enright MA MBA 2011-

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