A career, not just a passion

Studying Music at university is not just a way to follow your passion – it’s a route to a good job, too. That was the heartening message which 16 QE musicians heard on a visit to Goldsmiths, University of London. 

The Head of Goldsmiths’ Music Faculty, Dr. Berta Joncus, gave a presentation outlining the benefits of studying music and the breadth of opportunity it could lead to, whether in performance, education, the arts sector or the creative industries.

“Many of the boys were pleased to learn how employable music graduates are,” said Rebecca Lancelot, of QE’s Music department. “They took on board the message that they can follow their passion when choosing a university course, with the prospect of a career at the end.”

""The boys, from Years 11-13, were shown around several areas of the university, including the performing areas, live recording and control rooms. One highlight was a demonstration of the state-of-the-art, eight-channel, sound system – one of the most advanced forms of surround sound. They also saw other facilities, such as the lecture theatres and library.

“I think the boys were quite surprised at how different the study of Music is at university, compared with school,” said Miss Lancelot.

The party was joined by old boy Greg White (OE 2004-11), who is currently studying for his Master’s degree at Goldsmiths, having completed his undergraduate degree in Music Technology at the University of East Anglia.