We hope to instil in pupils a sense of wonder at how Mathematics explains phenomena in the real world, while helping them become more confident, resilient, resourceful, creative and collaborative, and better problem-solvers, too.

Each year we receive a new cohort of Year 7 students who have been selected, in part, on the basis of their mathematical ability. They are enthusiastic, confident and used to succeeding in Mathematics. As a department, we see it as our responsibility to ensure that they remain engaged with the subject and continue to excel as they are presented with increasingly demanding challenges.

To do this, we seek to develop confidence and accuracy in their use of mathematical language and techniques to produce solutions to problems. By requiring rigour in such work, we build resilience and resourcefulness. Creativity is nurtured through encouraging boys to find alternative solutions, and we provide opportunities for them to cooperate and work as a team.

In all of this, not only do we aim to inculcate that sense of wonder and an enjoyment of mathematical theorems for their own sake, but also a life-long love of learning Mathematics among all our pupils.

Practically speaking, we achieve this partly through thorough preparation for examinations and competitions, so that boys experience the enjoyment that comes from being successful. We also expose pupils to interesting and perplexing puzzles that sometimes challenge their preconceptions and understanding about the subject.

At the end of their studies, all boys should have the mathematical skills to pursue further studies and then to enter the world of work, regardless of the nature of their ambitions. For some, this will mean they have a solid understanding of GCSE Mathematics, while others will have acquired the tools required to be competitive in the international world of mathematics in academia.

The subject-specific material of Mathematics equips QE boys for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Mathematics. The new A-level concentrates more than ever on the widely applicable mathematical modelling process. Moreover, the general skills gained from logical thinking and problem-solving extend to many other careers, such as Law.

We provide special preparation for STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper), the Mathematics examination used to test applicants to Cambridge and Warwick universities.

Technology is important in Mathematics lessons. Boys are taught to use calculators, graph-sketching software and geometry software, while IT is also used extensively for numerical methods and statistical analysis.

QE boys participate successfully, and in large numbers, in the various UK individual Maths Challenges and follow-on Olympiad and Kangaroo rounds. Pupils take part in the UK Team Challenges, the Hans Woyda Maths Competition, the Edge Hill Challenge and the Maths Bombe online competition. A very extensive set of extra-curricular opportunities and special events is also provided. These include the: Year 7 Maths Fair; Year 10 lectures; Year 11 Show; Year 12 lectures; maths and élite maths clubs, and the cryptography club.