The QE experience extends well beyond the generous boundaries of our Queen’s Road campus: there are regular enrichment opportunities both in the UK and overseas, giving boys the chance to explore the world, hear from expert speakers and contribute to local communities.

These opportunities span academic subjects and extra-curricular activities, too, and range from international sports tours to day trips to Bath for boys studying Latin.

Our London location means we are well placed to take advantage of opportunities that only the capital can offer, whether that is tours of the London law courts and the Houses of Parliament, or conferences at venues such as the American Embassy and the British Library. Even closer to home are the academic symposia held in partnership with leading academic girls’ schools in North London.

Some international trips offer sights and experiences that are simply not available in the UK, as the Geography scholars who experienced Iceland’s amazing geysers and the ruins of Pompeii in Italy, or the Sixth Form historians who ventured behind the walls of the Kremlin and marvelled at St Petersburg’s imperial palaces in Russia will all attest.

Our young linguists enjoy the chance to be immersed in the French language and culture at a Normandy chateau as early as Year 7, while older boys benefit from exchanges with partner schools in France and Germany.

QE sportsmen can develop their game by pitting themselves against new opponents – on Easter rugby tours to Holland and our annual cricket tour to the north of England, for example, or on the longer, summer-holiday rugby and cricket trips to Sri Lanka and Canada. And there is an annual opportunity for some to learn an entirely new sport on QE’s skiing trip.

Through our weekly voluntary service programme in the Sixth Form, boys contribute to their own communities, while learning a little more about how life is for others. Musicians not only take part in local festivals but also perform in charity events, especially at Christmas. And much further afield, older boys and recent leavers sometimes visit the Sai School in Kerala, India, to see for themselves how QE’s Sai School Appeal is supporting children there.

This selection is by no means exhaustive: in fact, there is always something going on, whether at home or abroad, providing boys with countless opportunities to get involved, broaden their knowledge and experience the wider world.