Queen Elizabeth’s School was established in 1573 through the generous giving of patrons, and this strong tradition of philanthropy continues today. The School’s mission is “to produce young men who are confident, able and responsible”: nurturing a commitment to philanthropy is an important aspect of our work to fulfil this mission.

Our new Building on Distinction development plan sets out a bold vision and provides an opportunity for the Elizabethan community, including alumni, to unite in making provision for future generations of pupils. To achieve this, we must maximise the advantages of our campus and location. We have an ambitious estates plan for the next five years. Having recently completed and equipped the new Friends’ Recital Hall and Music Rooms, our next project is to create The Robert Dudley Studio to enhance provision for drama, the performing arts and spoken word activities, including debating and public spreaking. We need help from the wider Queen Elizabeth’s community to realise this goal.

We offer many ways to contribute to the development of our School; we hope the plans below provide choice and flexibility. We are very keen to grow our 450 Club, taking inspiration from the major anniversary being celebrated in 2023 to help deliver a legacy of philanthropy to take us forward into the coming years. For those enjoying QE Collections, our online archives, your support for our Digital Fund is crucial to enable us to continue this work.

However, if you would like to further discuss making a donation, please feel free to contact the Development Office at developmentoffice@qebarnet.co.uk