Practical work is at the heart of Science: our bespoke Lower School Science curriculum deliberately places the emphasis on boys exploring the scientific world through experimentation.

We seek to help pupils understand that Science is a subject which is always evolving as new ideas and theories are developed and tested, and that facts cannot simply be learned from a book.

We hope that they will develop an enthusiasm for, and wider interest in, the sciences beyond the taught curriculum. Allied with this aim is a focus on the acquisition of scientific competence, so that QE boys become confident at a young age in the application of theory to explain observations from practical work. To achieve this, opportunities for independent research and independent practical work are woven throughout the curriculum.

Homework time is dedicated to extended tasks which are open-ended and which develop boys’ higher thinking skills, rewarding creativity as well as logical discussion.

At the conclusion of their Lower School Science courses, pupils should have both a developing curiosity in Science and increased confidence in the use of the scientific method, putting them in good stead for their GCSE studies.

We encourage extra-curricular interest in the subject through our various Science Clubs, which take place once a week for pupils in the Lower School.