Queen Elizabeth’s School offers an intellectually rigorous academic programme that includes traditional approaches and ‘hard’ subjects, yet is also exciting and embraces worthwhile innovation.

Our results in examinations at GCSE and A-level are exceptional by the standards of both the state and independent sectors; they have resulted in QE now being recognised as one of the most outstanding schools in the country.

However, impressive as such attainment is, our ambitions for our pupils go much further. We seek not only to ensure that QE boys gain a thorough mastery of the requirements of the curriculum, but also to cultivate in our pupils effective habits of independent learning and of deep academic curiosity. In short, we are committed to free-thinking scholarship.

We work progressively with all our boys throughout their school careers in order that they:

  • Acquire all the knowledge, skills and perseverance needed for success in examinations
  • Become ambitious thinkers
  • Develop habits of resilience, determination and grit.

All of this is achieved in the first place through excellent teaching by staff who are themselves highly accomplished in academic terms and are well-trained in the best pedagogic practice. QE’s culture of excellence has been built on the bedrock of very many years of experience in educating boys and young men. Our staff are dedicated and thoroughly committed to the success and welfare of the pupils in their charge.

Secondly, it is achieved through our programme of academic enrichment activities, which extend through all year groups of the School. These are tailored to further boys’ understanding beyond the confines of the day-to-day curriculum, inspiring them to stretch themselves, to collaborate in exploring new areas, and to dig deeper into topics that interest and stimulate them intellectually.

Our aim is that, by the time they leave the School, QE pupils will have acquired a substantial measure of intellectual poise and have become ‘young men who are confident, able and responsible’ – as our mission statement has it. Moreover, we hope that they will then be equipped to flourish at the best universities, to excel in interesting and rewarding careers, and to thrive in life generally.