Queen Elizabeth’s became one of the first schools to take advantage of the Academies Act 2010, completing our restoration to the independent ‘free grammar school’ of our founding charter.

As The Independent put it in an article on the School in 2014, QE ‘has been doing its own thing since 1573 – with impressive results’. It was natural therefore that the School sought early conversion to academy status when the Coalition government opened this opportunity to outstanding schools.

Under the Academies Act 2010 the School converted to academy status on 1 September 2010 and exists legally as a company called Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet (registered in England and Wales, number 07351253) that has exempt charitable status. The School is a single-academy trust.

Clicking here will take you to the publicly available performance and financial reports made to the Department for Education, the Education Funding Agency and to Companies House by the Academy.

In addition, the following documents – including our articles of association, funding agreement and financial accounts – are available to download:

The number of employees whose employee benefits (excluding employer pension costs) fell within the following bands was:

Band 2023 2022
£170,000 – 180,000 0 1
£180,000 – 190,000 1 0