Whilst the Governing Body is drawn from different parts of the Elizabethan community, all governors have a duty to work towards the best outcomes for pupils – a responsibility taken very seriously.

Under the School’s Articles of Association, revised in November 2020, the Governing Body is presently made up of 13 Governors in the following categories. Up to:

  • 6 Governors appointed by the Members
  • 4 Community Governors appointed by the Board
  • 2 Parent Governors (elected)
  • The Headmaster

All Governors serve a four year term of office (with the exception of the Headmaster, who remains a Governor ex officio for as long as he is in post).

Records of the current governors’ terms of office, and those of governors who have served at any time within the previous 12 months, can be found below.

Mrs E. Aghdiran, MBA Member appointed November 2024 2020
Mr. M.H.S. Bradish, FCA, FCIArb (OE) Member appointed August 2023 2005
Mr. H. Dave CSci, CBio, MRSB Parent Governor May 2025 2021
Mr. R. Delves, MA, FRSA [term expired May 2021] Parent Governor Expired May 2021 2017
Mr. Neil Enright, MA, MBA, NPQH, FRSA
Ex officio Ongoing 2011
Mr. D. Farrer, MA, QC (OE) Community Governor November 2025 2013
Mrs. J. Ferguson Community Governor November 2023 1994
Mr. A.N. Gaskell, ACA
Community Governor March 2026 1998
Mr. E. Houston, BA Member appointed August 2023 2008
Mr. S. Jana, BCom Parent Governor May 2025 2021
Mr. D.T. Lowen, MA, FRSA (OE) Member appointed October 2023 2019
Mr. B.R.Martin, MBE, FRICS, IRRV  (Chairman) Community Governor November 2023 1989
Dr C. Martin, Phd [term expired May 2021] Parent Governor Expired May 2021 2017
Mr. C.W. Price, BA, PGDipEdLaw, NPQH Member appointed November 2024 1988
Mr. N. Raval, BA, DipArch, ARB Member appointed February 2024 2003

Clerk: Mr. M.T. Rose, MA (OE)
Company Secretary: Ms. T.W. O’Reilly BEng