The Governing Body Sub-Committees are as follows:

  • Admissions (Chair: Eric Houston)
  • Child Protection, Safeguarding & Wellbeing (Chair: Jane Ferguson)
  • Discipline (Pupils) (Chair: Eric Houston)
  • Finance, Audit & Risk (Chair: Nick Gaskell)
  • Salaries Review (Chair: Barrie Martin)
  • Staff (Chair: Eric Houston)
  • Staff (Appeals) (Chair: David Farrer)

Membership of these Sub-Committees (which have between 3 and 6 members) is dependent on the relevant experience and expertise of the Governor.

Attendance at Sub-Committee Meetings

The Finance Sub-Committee has three scheduled meetings a year (once a term), at which all members were present during 2018 – 2019; Other Sub-Committees meet on an ad hoc basis as necessary and by mutual arrangement; therefore attendance by members is 100%.