Queen Elizabeth’s School has a critical role to play in preparing our boys for transitions into the next stage of their careers; whether that is in education, employment or training.

As such, Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) are crucial and integral aspects of our boys’ learning and entitlement. This page aims to set out our current School strategy with this regard.

Queen Elizabeth’s has a statutory responsibility to ensure that boys are provided with impartial, independent careers guidance from Year 7 to Year 13. In line with this obligation, careers guidance consists of services and programmes intended to raise our boys’ aspirations, broaden their horizons and empower them to make realistic, informed decisions at all key transitional points in their education. The following gives an overview of the types of event boys will take part in as they progress through the School.

Careers work is coordinated by Mr James Kane (Assistant Head, Pupil Destinations) and supported by our enterprise adviser Roopesh Jaiswal, as part of a collaboration with the London Enterprise Adviser Network.

Mr Kane can be contacted at enquiries@qebarnet.co.uk or on (020) 8441 4646.

Year Planned approach to Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance
Year 7
  • Students introduced to UNIFROG careers software via eQE
  • Student Personal Development Time (PDT) programme – project based learning linking Labour Market Information to careers
  • Competitions – linked with the NHS to learn about the range of careers available
Year 8
  • Students introduced to careers software available via eQE and encouraged to research careers options
  • STEM workshop – problem solving day/employability skills
  • Employability skills – HSBC money workshop
  • External speakers – lecture series
Year 9
  • Students introduced to GCSE choices/ careers software via eQE
  • Preparation for GCSE Options –  research and presentations during  PDT time using online resources
  • Careers 4U workshop – meeting employers in problem solving workshops
  • External speakers – lecture series
Year 10
  • Students PDT programme  – online resource tool ‘Higher Ideas’ introduced for careers and post GCSE research
  • Development of employability skills – CV writing, Interview skills, evaluation of transferable skills
  • Preparation for work experience
  • External speakers – lecture series
Year 11
  • Face to Face Careers Interview with an external adviser
  • Careers Convention  –  meeting employers, training providers and higher education institutions
  • Work placements (summer of Year 11)
  • NCS – The Challenge programme
  • External speakers – lecture series
  • Self-directed online resource access (Higher Ideas, My Kinda Future, Future Finder, My Careers Springboard)
Year 12
  • Universities Convention
  • US Options – study abroad assembly
  • German/French language work experience
  • Voluntary work 30 hours “community action” over the course of the year
  • Apprenticeship workshop
  • External speakers – lecture series
Year 13
  • Apprenticeship workshop
  • External speakers – lecture series

Further details of career activities and information for parents and students is available on eQE (our intranet).

The impact of the careers programme is monitored through a broad range of evidence. This includes leavers’ destination data, information on which can be found on the School Performance page and via the government’s compare school performance website. Feedback is also gained from pupils through pupil conferences and the bespoke tutorial system, as well as through eQE surveys following events. Parental feedback can be measured through surveys such as that conducted to inform the current School Development Plan, by RSAcademics. Reports are also regularly received from the external providers that the School works with. The involvement of alumni within the delivery of careers advice and guidance also enables the input of those who have experienced the transition from school to higher education and/or the world of work. Information shared through our QE Connect platform for alumni, also demonstrates onward career progression.

Access for training providers

Further information on how external provision is organised can be found in the School’s Careers Provider Access Statement.

This information was reviewed in April 2022 and will be reviewed again before May 2023.