Our Mission

Queen Elizabeth’s School aims to produce young men who are confident, able and responsible.


A confident Elizabethan is adaptable to different contexts and secure in his own identity. He is principled, always open to learn, and prepared to challenge himself as well as others.

  • We encourage boys to discover, develop and express a resilient identity that is based on their own values, interests and personality.
  • We nurture intellectual, verbal and social skills, giving pupils poise – the ability to act appropriately in any situation.
  • Thus, we equip each boy to present himself as a person of substance, communicating his views powerfully but without arrogance, aware both of his strengths and his weaknesses.
  • We instil in boys a ready willingness to embrace challenge and change and to consider viewpoints different from their own, before acting consistently with the courage of well-formed convictions.


An able Elizabethan exemplifies that combination of a vigorous love of learning, of adaptable, high-level thinking and of an unquenchable intellectual curiosity which we call free-thinking scholarship.

  • We lay the foundations of academic excellence by expecting our boys to work hard, by nurturing perseverance and emotional resilience, by rigorously challenging their thinking and by stimulating their genuine academic interests.
  • Pupils benefit from being part of our vibrant academic community; we also instil in them habits of independent study: in this way, we prepare them to thrive at university and beyond.
  • We nurture broad, analytical thinkers who are ready to seize the opportunity presented by their rapidly changing world to shape new solutions to its new problems.
  • We celebrate diverse talents and aptitudes, encouraging boys to discover and develop these beyond the classroom, especially through participation in our extensive range of extra-curricular activities.


A responsible Elizabethan is kind and considerate. Wise and compassionate, he seeks to change things for the better, both in his own community and in society at large.

  • We help boys to consider and understand the consequences of their words and actions, encouraging them to listen carefully to other people’s perspectives and to treat others as they would like to be treated, and thus to play their part in fostering a happy, inclusive community.
  • We teach pupils about looking after their own physical and mental wellbeing and similarly watching out for the needs of others.
  • We foster self-awareness and self-development, helping boys to be realistically ambitious and to become the best version of themselves.
  • We promote generosity of spirit alongside civic engagement, so that pupils go on to deploy their abilities and accomplishments for the greater good.

Read the full plan

Our richly illustrated plan explains our vision for equipping our pupils to live successful and worthwhile lives in a fast-changing world replete with opportunity. Comprehensive in its scope, the 34-page plan looks at the attributes boys will need, identifies ten overall priorities for the School, and sets out our specific commitments to working these priorities out in every area of life at QE.

Building on Distinction

Our Priorities

Enabling The Vision