Our Priorities


Foster academic curiosity through encouraging high-level thinking and intellectually rigorous activity.


Provide bespoke support to assist learning and remove barriers to progression.


Deliver personalised feedback, encouraging boys to learn from their own successes and failures, and respond appropriately.


Create opportunities for pupils to experience a broad range of social and cultural activities and to facilitate greater participation in a wide variety of academic enrichment activities.


Celebrate the diverse skills, talents, and achievements of pupils in all year groups, with the goal of recognising what is unique about each individual.


Support boys with their emotional challenges, including any that might be linked to learning in a high-achieving environment.


Strengthen literacy and develop research and revision skills to support academic achievement and ensure pupils’ readiness for the next stage of education.


Provide support and guidance to equip pupils to be broad-minded in considering the pathways open to them and to make decisions strategically for their future.


Develop skills of both leadership and collaboration.


Emphasise the importance of civic engagement and of cultivating positive relationships within the community.

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Our richly illustrated plan explains our vision for equipping our pupils to live successful and worthwhile lives in a fast-changing world replete with opportunity. Comprehensive in its scope, the 34-page plan looks at the attributes boys will need, identifies ten overall priorities for the School, and sets out our specific commitments to working these priorities out in every area of life at QE.

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