Economics lies at the heart of modern society, intersecting the very different worlds of government and business.

Always current and relevant, it is constantly changing – a living subject – which makes it both interesting and challenging.

Whether at GCSE or at A-level, we aim to stretch more able pupils to explore the subject beyond the syllabus specification, while also ensuring that all boys are gaining the understanding needed to master the syllabus. Pupils are encouraged to pursue Economics at degree level, whether on Pure Economics courses or combined with another subject.

Through studying Economics, boys develop skills in independent learning and in analytical and critical evaluation which they will be able to apply at the next stage of their studies.

We seek to cultivate a spirit of curiosity that extends into areas such as politics, geography and social behaviour: pupils can then use this knowledge in considering current affairs, exploring the real-world application of economic theory.

Technology is increasingly being used by the Economics department in order that boys can use electronic notes, videos and research sites to study economic theory independently, whilst in class we focus on its application, on the understanding of current economic issues and on examination technique.