Our aim is to prepare independent thinkers who can comprehend, and perhaps contribute to the future of, the fast-developing body of knowledge and understanding that constitutes modern Biology.

Biology is everywhere; it is a fascinating subject that everyone can relate to at some level. We expand boys’ horizons, introducing them to the complexity of human and plant biology. They learn about the ever-evolving changes in the world around us in both the animal and plant kingdoms, all the way from the cellular to the systems level.

Biology is a practical subject, and through emphasis on experimental work, we hope to inspire boys to explore all aspects of the living world. We teach them the curriculum in depth, always insisting on excellence in their work, and provide an environment in which they can feel confident to question the science presented to them.

We aim to instil critical and analytical skills related to biology throughout the GCSE and A-level courses. By exposing pupils to cutting-edge thinking by leading biologists in external lectures, in scientific articles and through peer presentations, we help them as they begin to build up a bigger picture of Biology.

Competitions such as the Biology Challenge and Olympiad enable pupils to explore topics beyond the limitations of the curriculum.

The department makes extensive use of modern communication technologies to enhance pupils’ learning: seeing an endoscope video clip of food being swallowed typically has far more impact than reading about the process in a book. Access to the internet in laboratories also enables us to immediately correct misconceptions or to explore new ideas that emerge during lessons.