When a boy comes to QE, he joins a community for life: our aim is that all pupils go on to realise a fulfilling professional life after finishing full-time education.

With this end in mind, our careers education focuses on developing boys’ academic talents and personal characteristics.

‘A great school that consistently turns out responsible young men with unbounded opportunities to succeed at university and their chosen careers beyond.’ (Good Schools Guide, 2016)

A large majority of our pupils go on to university. Accordingly, we provide extensive support for university applicants, with, for example, tailored programmes for Oxbridge candidates and for those considering universities in the US. However, we also provide support for the smaller number of boys who in recent years have entered professions straight from School.

Careers education at QE starts early: throughout the Lower School, pupils are encouraged to reflect on their academic progress, set themselves targets for improvement and explore varied career options during dedicated pupil progression sessions. A personalised approach is, in fact, the cornerstone of careers education and guidance at QE. Self-evaluation and reflection are supported through various web-based activities, which allow pupils to investigate their career options and the required entry requirements.

One major event in our calendar is the Careers Convention for Year 11 pupils and parents – an open evening giving the opportunity to meet with representatives from a range of professions. Our work experience programme takes place at the end of Year 11.

Old Elizabethans play an increasingly important role. Not only do OEs provide support in terms of work experience placements, internships, interview practice and help with CVs, but they also feature prominently among our guest speakers. There are innumerable opportunities for boys to learn from, and be inspired by, such visitors, who represent a wide variety of careers, encompassing both the traditional professions, such as Medicine, Law and Accountancy, as well as more entrepreneurial or creative career paths, such as IT and Music.