The study of language and literature opens up the world of expression and communication – vital elements in what make us all human.

Whether studying English, modern foreign languages or ancient languages of the classical world, boys explore great writing by significant authors, while also broadening their vocabulary and acquiring an understanding of grammar.

Lessons enable boys to gain an understanding of diverse cultures and of values that may be very different from their own, which in turn helps them develop their own ideas and refine their thinking and analytical skills.

Furthermore, our teaching proceeds from the assumption that language-learning is an essential life skill and that, in an increasingly globalised and interconnected world, language skills are crucial for success.

In addition to the languages on the curriculum – English, French, German and Latin – we offer extra-curricular classes in Mandarin, Greek and Spanish. After-school Spanish tuition beginning in Year 9 takes boys through a number of levels up to and including GCSE. Boys can join Mandarin classes from Year 7 and, similarly, they can reach GCSE level. All boys opting to study more than one language at GCSE are invited to take classes in Ancient Greek , which run in Years 10, 11 and 12. Boys may reach AS level.

We are committed to academic rigour and to ensuring our students are challenged and intellectually stretched. We want boys to be confident when interacting with people from different cultures and to feel comfortable communicating both orally and in writing.

We foresee technology playing a growing role in language-learning as we embrace more apps and online resources.