Skills in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) provide the foundations for the industrial and corporate world and thus underpin all modern economies.

These subjects form the basis for a very large number of careers. Some are obvious – research scientist, doctor, engineer and accountant, for example – but others, such as software developer, pilot and architect, less so.

While the UK at large suffers from STEM skills shortages, at Queen Elizabeth’s School these subjects are highly valued, well taught and properly resourced: they are therefore very popular choices at A-level.

Teachers seek to engage pupils’ enthusiasm through both theoretical and practical experiences, while also encouraging them to develop their specific interests through extra-curricular activities ranging from trips and visits to participation in the very large number of exciting clubs and competitions open to pupils studying STEM subjects.

With the benefit of inspirational teaching and a positive classroom, workshop and laboratory experience, QE boys habitually progress to STEM courses at the best universities and then on into rewarding, high-level careers.

Queen Elizabeth’s School’s reputation as one of the finest schools in the country for the STEM subjects is firmly established, yet we are clear-sighted in our determination to continue to develop and improve the education our boys receive, thus fully equipping them to meet the ever-evolving demands of the modern world.