Queen Elizabeth’s was awarded Ofsted’s highest grading of ‘outstanding’ following an inspection in May 2022. The School now has six consecutive inspection gradings at the highest level.

The team of inspectors rated the School as ‘outstanding’ in all five of Ofsted’s categories, namely: the quality of education; behaviour and attitudes; personal development; leadership and management, and Sixth Form provision.

Their report is a clear endorsement of the School, the quality of the education provided and the direction in which it is heading.

Lead Inspector Annabel Davies and her team began their report with this summary: “Pupils flourish at Queen Elizabeth’s School. They love to learn. Pupils are happy and safe. They take great pride in their work. Pupils are determined to succeed in all aspects of their school life and are ambitious for their futures. Leaders ensure that pupils study a broad range of academic subjects. They make sure the highly academic environment of the school is also a nurturing one.” That first paragraph concludes by borrowing from the language of our own School mission: “Leaders strive to develop pupils into confident, able and responsible young people.”

Headmaster Neil Enright said: “We were so encouraged to read an independent assessment that is not only highly positive, but which also recognises the breadth of education provided here and our determination to keep moving forward in line with the objectives set out in our current School plan, Building on Distinction.”

In a report which has many highlights, here are just a few snapshots:

  • “The behaviour of pupils is exemplary.”
  • “The school has a strong sense of community.”
  • “The school’s curriculum is academic, broad and balanced…[It] is highly ambitious in all subject areas. Pupils regularly complete work that goes far beyond what would normally be expected for their age.”
  • “Teachers are experts in their subjects. They check pupils’ understanding throughout lessons…They swiftly support pupils to catch up if they fall behind. They also offer a range of clubs and competitions for pupils who excel. These are popular with pupils. Élite clubs in mathematics, robotics and cricket are particularly noteworthy.”
  • “Leaders have high ambitions for all pupils. Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities achieve exceptionally well here.”
  • “Leaders place great importance on pupils’ personal development. They ensure that pupils gain a deep understanding of the issues that affect wider society.”
  • “The school’s curriculum enrichment is extensive.” This section goes on to list diverse examples of lunchtime clubs – medical society, forensics, chess and drama clubs – while also noting pupils’ involvement in extra-curricular and competitive team sports.
  • “Teachers help pupils to develop sophisticated skills in analysis, evaluation and research. This supports pupils to be ready for their next stage of education.”

You can read and download the full report (May 2022) here.

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