Sociology is taught at A Level only at Queen Elizabeth's School, which reflects the academic and rigorous nature of the subject. Sociology is the study of society; It explores what unites people in society, as well as the divisions and prejudices which surround us. Issues of wealth and poverty, sexism and racism run through the course.

The students are taught in small groups in classrooms with interactive whiteboards and in the Sixth Form seminar room. In recent years, the retention rate from AS to A2 has been 100%, which reflects examination success and the continued improvement of the Sociology Department.

Sociology lessons are interactive and participatory; all students contribute to discussion and debate, and open-mindedness and tolerance of the views of others is essential. Teachers frequently use electronic presentations to help them cover the substantial content of the course.

All course materials are available prior to the beginning of Year 12 on eQE. This includes syllabus and revision materials, as well as all the content covered in the AS and A-Level curriculum.

We follow the AQA examination board's Sociology syllabus. There are two modules to study for AS and three modules to study at A Level. The topics we cover are:

AS Level
  • Families and Households
  • Education; Sociological Research Methods
A Level
  • Education; Theory and Methods
  • Families and Households; Beliefs in Society
  • Crime and Deviance; Theory and Methods

All these units are assessed by short data-response and essay examinations, which take place in May and June for both AS and A-Level.

There is extensive support and guidance on the learning resource area for pupils applying to read Sociology at university, and the Department also helps them write their personal statements. We give additional help to those applying for HSPS at Cambridge, in the form of mock interviewing and extended reading.

Every group has the opportunity to attend Sociology conferences, which are usually run by A Level specialist companies. These are enjoyable trips, extending pupils' knowledge and understanding, and giving them an insight into what to expect of teaching and learning at a university level. They are also encouraged to pursue their own areas of interest within Sociology through the provision of extension reading lists. We supply students with information on forthcoming events, such as talks by academics on recent sociological research.

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