All the fun of the fair: younger boys find out about QE’s huge range of clubs and societies

Boys from Years 7 an d 8 had the opportunity to explore the vast array of extra-curricular activities open to them at the School through QE’s Clubs and Societies Fair.

Almost 50 clubs, societies and musical ensembles are available to boys in these year groups, and many of them were represented at the event in the Shearly Hall. With highly energetic dance demonstrations, vocal pitches from many of the clubs’ representatives and even a gruesome severed head (courtesy of the Drama Club’s props store), the fair itself proved to be a lively lunchtime attraction.

""Headmaster Neil Enright said: “At QE, our focus is not only on academic studies, but also on helping our pupils develop into fully rounded individuals. Participation in clubs and societies plays a significant part in this, not least by helping boys develop their leadership and organisation skills.

""“We therefore expect all pupils to engage in extra-curricular activities, and I am sure that through this fair, with its rich tapestry of clubs and societies, the boys will have been able to find the right activity for them to throw themselves into.”

""Among the pupil and staff-run clubs represented were:

  • The History Rangers, for which boys were draped in flags and carried reproduction shields
  • & #x09; 3D Printing, which uses the Technology Department’s state-of-the-art machines
  • Zoology
  • Language Games
  • Art.

""Sport and the performing arts were also well represented. The Music Department showcased its bands, choirs and ensembles – more than 20 of them – while Sixth Form representatives of the Dance Club treated the younger boys to a series of impromptu routines and the Drama Club brought along a number of intriguing props.

Extra-Curricular Enrichment Tutor and History teacher Matt Dunston said: “There was a real buzz of activity and excitement, and it was good to see pupils of all ages coming together to support each other.”