Bridging the gap between theory and practice

Sixth-Formers from QE learned about both the academic study of politics and the everyday reality of political life during a visit to the British Library.

Leading British academics and a number of recently retired members of the US House of Representatives delivered presentations and then took part in a Q&A session. John Tanner (pictured below with Year 13 Politics students), who represented a district of Tennessee for 22 years, spoke on his experience of chairing committees dealing with key issues including pensions and trade.

“Whilst it's essential for students to understand politics in an academic way, it's fascinating to hear from politicians who have been at the heart of decision-making in recent historic world events, said QE’s Head of Politics, Liam Hargadon.

""“Our boys thoroughly enjoyed this unique opportunity to question important political leaders and were conspicuous at the event in their willingness to ask probing questions of both the academics and politicians. There is no doubt they benefited significantly from the trip,” added Mr Hargadon.