Challenging career preconceptions

Professionals from disciplines including Law, Management Consultancy, the RAF and Creative Media were on hand to advise Year 9 pupils during a special careers day.

The boys had been asked to consider what they thought they might be interested in,but were also allocated to a group led by someone from an industry in which they hadn’t expressed an interest.

""“We believe it is helpful for boys to start thinking about possible careers at an early stage, so this day is aimed at boys as they prepare to start their GCSE studies, to help them to clarify their thoughts,” said organiser Dr Sarah Westcott, Head of Pupil Progression. “We were particularly keen to challenge their preconceptions and encourage them to think more broadly about how they could employ their talents in a range of professions.”

Pupils were faced with real-life scenarios from each of the industries represented and participated in a number of activities designed to demonstrate the skills each type of career requires. These activities included constructing scrap towers or rockets.