Competition results reveal strength in depth among QE’s young mathematicians

Almost all QE boys taking part in this year’s Junior Maths Challenge won certificates, placing them among the top 40% entrants nationally.

A total of 292 QE Year 7 and 8 pupils entered the UK Mathematics Trust’s competition, and 279 of them, or 96%, won certificates, with 174 awarded gold, 77 silver and 28 bronze. Across the country, the top 40% receive gold, silver and bronze certificates in the ratio 1:2:3, and each school receives a Best in School certificate.

Around 1,200 of the highest scorers nationally are invited to take part in the Junior Mathematical Olympiad. Twenty-eight QE boys have qualified for the Junior Olympiad, with a further 88 reaching the competition’s other follow-on round, the Junior Kangaroo.

""QE’s Best in School Award went to Andy Kwak (pictured above left), of Year 8, with a score of 130 out of 135. “I’m really pleased, but I think I will have to work a lot harder to do well in the Olympiad,” he said.

The Best in Year 7 title was awarded jointly to Bhunit Santhiramoulesan and Mukund Soni, who both scored 127.

Assistant Head of Mathematics Wendy Fung said: “We are delighted with how well the boys have done and look forward to the results of the Olympiad and Kangaroo.”