Double honours for OE music mogul

Old Elizabethan Lucian Grange, a leading music industry executive, received his CBE at Buckingham Palace and was then feted at the Brit music awards on the same day.

Mr Grainge, aged 49, is chairman of Universal Music Group International and is soon to become Chief Executive Officer, based in New York. He has artists including Amy Winehouse, U2, Duffy, Girls Aloud and Eminem on his roster of talent.

He remains largely unknown to the outside world, yet within the music industry he is considered both influential and highly successful. Simon Cowell said of him: “He’s the one person I consider to be real competition… He is the most talented music-industry executive in the British pop industry.”

His eye for retail reportedly stems from his childhood, when he would carefully observe which records customers chose in his fathers TV, radio and record shop.

Mr Grainge has advised both the Labour Government and the Conservatives on the best way to tackle CD piracy, and he was closely involved with the Government’s recent Digital Britain report.

He received his CBE for services to the creative industries.