FQE Quiz: test yourself against QE’s best!

Fifteen teams turned out for the Friends of Queen Elizabeth’s Quiz Supper, raising money for the School while enjoying a convivial evening together.

The popular event saw the teams tackle nine rounds under the watchful eye of the quizmasters, who were FQE Secretary Diane Mason and her husband, George, together with Peter and Karen Forrester and their son, William (OE 2009–2016, now at Sheffield University reading Aeronautical Engineering).

Barrie Martin MBE, Chairman of Governors and Chairman of the FQE, presented the prizes. Thanking everyone who had taken part, he said: “These social and fundraising events organised by the Friends are tremendously important, both in creating a sense of community amongst the parent body and in raising essential funds for the improvement of the School’s site and facilities.”

""The winning table (team pictured right), with 122 points, included: Philippa Flint (mother of recent Old Elizabethan Ralph, who is now reading Physics at Imperial, of Hugo in Year 13 and of Guy in Year 9; she was until recently the Headmaster’s Personal Assistant); Margaret Gibson (who works in the School Shop and is Head of FQE Support); Lisa Revell (mother of recent OE, Eddie, who is now reading Mathematics at Cambridge, and of Victor in Year 9; she works in the School on data-management) and Toni Smith (Support Services Manager at the School).

""Just two points behind was a table that included Languages teachers Peter Feeney, Rebecca Grundy, Gill Ross, Helen Shephard and their guests.

Some examples of the rounds and questions follow (with answers at the end):


1. Which cult TV show has won the most Emmy awards?
2. Who is the host of Carpool Karaoke?

""I'm alright, Jack

3. Which American state is the home of Jack Daniel’s whiskey?
4. Whereabouts on a ship would you find its jackstaff?

Flights of fancy

5. In which year was air travel disrupted by ash from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano?
6. Who made the first manned flight in a hot-air balloon from Lyons in 1783?

The name’s Bond (Music round)

7. In 1981, she won the Grammy for Best New Artist and was also nominated for Best Pop Performance for her Bond theme song, For Your Eyes Only. What was her name?

""The body beautiful

8. Which company markets the perfume, Black Opium?
9. Which exercise regime began life as Contrology in the early 20th century?

A kick up the 80s

10. Who became the 100 metres Olympic champion at the 1980 Moscow summer Olympics?
11. Who attempted to assassinate US President Ronald Reagan on 30th March 1981?

In the news

12. What has been named word of the year by the Collins dictionary?
13. Who became only the second person (after Bernard Shaw) to have won both an Oscar and a Nobel Prize?

""Marathon round

14. Which TV quiz show features this catchphrase: ‘Home please, Sue’.

During the break for supper, which was either fish & chips or vegetarian curry, teams were asked to complete the Marathon round. Other elements of this round included: identifying from pictures famous people who have died during 2016 (such as David Bowie, Sir Terry Wogan, Victoria Wood and Prince); unpicking anagrams formed from the elements; Dingbats and a round entitled Birdseye – identifying locations around the UK from aerial photos, including Hampton Court, GCHQ and Harrow School.

""In addition, there was an observation round in which the guests were asked to watch Pixar’s 1989 computer-animated short film, Knick Knack, and then answer questions about what they had seen.

The Kick up the 80s round provided a link to the next Friends social event, an 80s night to be held in the Spring Term. Tickets will be on sale soon for this event, which is scheduled for Saturday 4th March 2017.

The raffle on the evening raised nearly £400, while the total was further boosted by a fundraising Heads and tails game played while the Headmaster was tallying up the final scores.



1. Game of Thrones
2. James Corden
3. Tennessee
4. On the bow
5. 2010
6. The Montgolfier brothers
7. Sheena Easton
8. Yves Saint Laurent
9. Pilates
10. Allan Wells
11. John Hinckley
12. Brexit
13. Bob Dylan
14. A Question of Sport