Getting ahead with a hi-tech hard hat

The work of a team of QE Sixth-Formers drew plaudits when it featured at an Engineering and Science show in central London – and won a place at a showpiece national event next year.

The Year 12 team’s project – a construction industry hard-hat featuring a high-tech unit to warn wearers when noise levels exceed safe limits – was developed earlier this year under the Engineering Education Scheme as an entry in the Constructing Excellence competition.

Technology Teacher Michael Noonan: “The EES team re-focused the content of their project to reflect a more Science and Engineering-based approach, and travelled to the central London regional Big Bang Fair in Westminster Kingsway College.

“Although the fair featured very many fine examples of projects in the junior and intermediate section, the senior section was not as populated as it had been at other events – and our project therefore really stood out in terms of its depth and complexity of research. Onlookers from the construction and engineering section commented particularly on the effectiveness and ingenuity of this idea, and gave the boys many ideas for further development.”

""The team comprises Sachin Ghelani, Tochi Onuora, Chris Suen and Yazad Sukhia.

Mr Noonan, who organised the visit, said that as a result of the boys’ performance and attention to detail in their presentation at the regional event, they have secured a place at the Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair in Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre in March 2017. This is not only the UK’s largest celebration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) for young people, but also the country’s biggest youth event.

“The next challenge for the boys is to further advance the project to better their chances of picking up accolades on a national level, hopefully through collaboration with a third-party company,” he concluded.