Global Security Expert


Former School Captain James Slessor is now a world leader in security and public safety.

James (OE 1988–1995) has fulfilled the promise he showed at School, rising to an international senior management role with one of the world’s top professional services companies.

James became School Captain at QE, having been singled out for his all-round contribution to School life as well as his ability as a public speaker. He went on to Bristol University, where he achieved a first-class degree in Geography.

Employed by Accenture, since the turn of the century he has led a range of programmes involving public safety and operational policing.

Today he is Managing Director for Accenture Police Services. “This covers the work we do in policing, justice, borders, intelligence, prisons and rehabilitation,” he says.

His job has included serving as Accenture’s Client Director on the Police Scotland i6 Programme, which aims to see more than 120 IT and paper-based local and regional systems replaced by a single, new national operational policing system.

He advises on Accenture’s policing engagements across Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, and the US.

In addition, James leads Accenture’s virtual Policing Center of Excellence, which draws together the latest international thinking to build new processes, technology solutions and drive innovation within policing.

James has written extensively in leading industry publications on a range of policing topics, including social media and police information management.