Holidays: the enrichment continues – a special message from Mr Bonham Carter

Holidays: the enrichment continues – a special message from Mr Bonham Carter

Well done to the Junior School for throwing themselves into our Virtual Enrichment Week. I hope that this has been a welcome hands-on break from the year’s academic tasks.

As we now enter the holidays, I want to remind you all that the home enrichment pages on eQE provide you with a wealth of ideas, activities and suggestions.

Remember – only the boring allow themselves to be bored. In addition to the many possible activities listed, The Queen’s Library has created a special project to record this unique period:


At one point earlier this year, 20% of Earth’s population – that’s one in every five people across the whole world – was under lockdown. These feel like unprecedented times. However, there are some parallels to times gone by:

  • While in lockdown during the Great Plague of 1665-6, Isaac Newton conducted his famous prism experiment
  • After being sent home from university because of an outbreak of bubonic plague, John Milton write his first elegy
  • And Lord Byron wrote his now famous poem Farewell to Malta while in quarantine.

But for many of us, lockdown has also been a time of great difficulty. We are inviting students and staff at Queen Elizabeth’s School to share their experiences of living with lockdown. We are asking for:

  1. One sentence on something you have learned during lockdown.
  2. One sentence on something you have missed during lockdown.
  3. One image (photograph, drawing etc.) that illustrates your experience of lockdown. The image can be literal or abstract.

You can submit all three  of the above, or only one or two. It’s up to you.

We want to make sure that this project reflects the many varied experiences of those in our School community. We want you to tell your personal story in your own voice. So think laterally, and get creative! How can you tailor the above prompts to fit your own life under lockdown?

To enter, just fill in this simple Lockdown Living Project form and click submit.

Whatever you get up to, I wish you all a healthy, fun and productive holiday and I look forward to seeing you in September.

Mr Bonham-Carter