Honoured: new pupil top team announced

Headmaster Neil Enright has announced the names of QE’s 2017 School officials – including the new School Captain, Oliver Robinson.

Oliver will succeed the current School Captain, Varun Vassanth, when the Spring term gets underway on 3rd January 2017 and will have his name engraved on the Captains of School board in the Main Hall alongside those of every School Captain back to 1876. Working alongside him will be the other senior officials – two Senior Vice-Captains, Keenan Dieobi and Abbeykeith Kugasenananchettiar, together with ten Vice-Captains. These senior officials are supported by 89 prefects, who include House Captains and their Deputies for each of the six Houses. All the appointments are drawn from Year 12.

""Congratulating the new team, Mr Enright said: “Becoming a School official is a signal honour which reflects the achievements of these Sixth-Formers and the commitment they have shown throughout their time here.”

“Oliver was Form Captain in his first term at the School in Year 7 and has thus shown leadership from the very outset. He represents the school at rugby and is a particularly strong mathematician, who approaches his studies and other commitments with confidence, yet with humility. Keenan is very committed to extra-curricular activities, especially rugby and drama, and his approach to School life is characterised by diligence and good humour. For his part, Abbeykeith is known for being very academic, focused and responsible.”

""The senior officials and prefects have a key role to play in the day-to-day operations of the School, as well as on significant occasions in the School calendar, such as Founders’ Day during the summer.

“These appointments entail a significant responsibility for each of these boys, but it is one from which they will all gain a great deal,” Mr Enright added.