The School welcomes donations of pre-loved instruments to support our loan scheme, which provides valuable assistance to those boys just starting to learn a new instrument.

This academic year, 26 boys have benefitted from this scheme on a range of instruments including flute, clarinet, oboe, violin, viola, cello, trumpet and bass guitar! All instruments, apart from pianos (with which we are fully equipped), are warmly welcomed. Boys can have use of a School instrument for at least a term, and in many cases up to a year. This enables them to start having individual instrumental lessons without having to worry about the cost of buying an instrument. This supports wide participation in the musical life of the School and helps manage the financial barrier of boys getting involved, particularly whilst still discovering if they enjoy a particular instrument.

We would love donations of old instruments that we can put into the scheme, or even replace some of our older instruments with better ones. We want lots of boys to learn an instrument, contribute to Music at QE and enjoy the wonderful new facilities! [Ruth Partington, Director of Music]

If you have an instrument that you no longer want or need, and are willing to donate it to the School, please contact us via and we can make arrangements to accept it. Boys can bring donated instruments to the front office, or directly to the Music Department.

If you do not have an instrument to donate, but would still like to help, you can support our Instrument Fund.

This will help the School upgrade its stock of instruments for loan to those boys in need. Below you can hear from some pupils who have benefitted from the instrument loan scheme.

Pictured right: Mel Giedroyc donated her old cello, called Limon, to the School for the instrument loan scheme when visiting to support Virtual Founder’s Day last year.