Jerome aims to build on Karate Club’s varsity winning streak

Jerome aims to build on Karate Club’s varsity winning streak

Jerome Singh (OE 2004-2011) has been appointed President of Cambridge University Karate Club for 2013-2014.

His appointment follows a highly successful term of office as Men’s Captain in 2012-13, during which he led the men’s team as it triumphed in the varsity fixture for the seventh consecutive year.

Jerome has been an enthusiastic member of the club since first going up to Cambridge in 2011. After a brief period of recuperation from an ankle injury, he soon began to compete in earnest for the club and was a member’s of that year’s men’s team in the varsity match.

Jerome started karate at the age of seven at his local Shotokan club. (Shotokan is a style of karate founded in Japan by Gichin Funakoshi.) He has won three bronze, one silver and one gold medal at regional championships, as well as taking bronze at the Student Nationals in 2011.

He is reading Archaeology and Anthropology at Caius College, specialising in social anthropology. He plans to complete a Master’s degree at Harvard and then enrol in the Teach First programme, a UK social enterprise with a mission ‘to end inequality in UK education by building a community of exceptional leaders’. Jerome, whose interests also include art, eventually aspires to work in higher education or become a national education policy-maker.