Latin reintroduced to QE curriculum

Latin is being reintroduced to the QE curriculum in September 2012. The subject will be taken by all boys in Year 7 and will remain compulsory until Year 9, at which point pupils may opt to continue the subject to GCSE.

“The study of Latin, with its grammatical rigour and long association with scholarship, is very helpful in developing the application of logical thought processes,” said Headmaster Neil Enright. “In many ways, the subject underpins the academic curriculum and teaches transferable skills that can be applied to any area of study. I’m confident that Latin will be of great value to the boys in supporting their learning.”

Initially pupils will be taught in their form groups, with sets introduced by the end of the first term. Following the compulsory introduction at Year 7, the voluntary extra-curricular Latin classes currently running will continue for boys in Year 8 and 9. They will run throughout the 2012-13 academic year continuing as hour-long classes containing language studies, explanations of grammatical terms and references to Roman culture and history.

""The focus in the Year 7 Latin teaching will be on developing the skills required to read passages of written text, answer comprehension questions and translate passages into English.  Pupils will also learn about Roman history, society and culture.

As well as giving boys a sound knowledge of the Latin language, the lessons will provide them with a thorough grounding in general language principles. This includes identifying similarities between words that have been inherited from Latin.

The School will follow the Cambridge Latin Course (CLC) through Key Stage 3 and 4, supplementing the material presented in the course textbook with other resources.  The CLC is widely recognised as the leading beginners’ course for Latin, and has been extensively developed and revised throughout its 45-year history of use in schools.