Local primary pupils enjoy a taste of life at QE

Poetry and number puzzles were among the activities enjoyed by local children at QE’s 2016 Primary Challenge Day.

Now in its second year, the day gives Year 5 children from local primary schools the opportunity to find out about life as a QE pupil.

Teams from four schools entered this year. They spent their visit taking part in a range of English and Mathematics activities, including a number of competitions.

""Headmaster Neil Enright said: “At QE, we draw our pupils from a wide area, but we are always very keen to receive applications from local boys. Our Primary Challenge Day gives us the chance to welcome in girls and boys and girls from this area, giving them a taste of what being a pupil here is like. They engage in a little friendly competition in an enjoyable and stimulating setting. We also take the opportunity to remind them of the importance of applying for places – because, of course, only those who families from the local area who actually make an application are in with a chance of winning a place.”

""The day’s competition, organisd by Assistant Head of Mathematics Wendy Fung, included interactive games and tasks comprising a spelling competition, a poetry-writing challenge, number puzzles and logic problems. The limerick round was won by Woodridge School, the crossnumber round and the spelling bee were both won by St John’s School and the logic round was won by Monken Hadley School. However, the overall winners were Foulds School.