Lord Sassoon gives Sixth-Formers an insider’s view of Government

Highly respected former Government Minister Lord Sassoon gave his views on the current economic situation when he spoke at a formal luncheon for QE’s Year 12 students.

Lord Sassoon, who was Commercial Secretary to the Treasury from May 2010 to January 2013, reflected on his time as a Treasury Minister under Labour and on the period working with David Cameron and George Osborne in the run-up to the last General Election.
He also gave a clear, reasoned case in support of university tuition and top-up fees.

“We very much enjoyed the talk by Lord Sassoon. He engaged in a frank question-and-answer session after his talk, which was thoroughly appreciated by the students,” said QE’s Head of Politics, Liam Hargadon. “He openly expressed controversial views about university funding – controversial in the context of 180 students about to go to university – but this served to challenge thinking amongst the audience.”

""The annual luncheon, which was attended by the Headmaster and other teachers, is organised by the School to familiarise senior pupils with the format of a formal dining occasion, while also inspiring them with an interesting speaker.

Ennobled by the Coalition Government, Sir James Sassoon was previously a senior UBS banker and, from 2002-2008 one of Labour's economic advisers, with various roles in the Treasury. He left the Government earlier this year, having expressed a wish to return to the business world.

Lord Sassoon is a member of the famous Sassoon family: his father was the first cousin of the World War I poet, Siegfried Sassoon.