On the right path

Recent work by the Careers Department at QE has focused on Year 12 and their progression to university via the UCAS process; on meeting and interviewing students and on giving them access to information in their chosen field.

A number of events have also taken place across the year groups in the Summer Term. Year 8 students have been putting together a CV and personal statement for future use. Year 9 took part in a pathways event based around the BBC programme ‘The Apprentice’. Arranged into 15 teams, the boys had to carry out a number of business-orientated tasks, working with representatives from the world of business and industry.

Year 10 had an off-timetable day which looked to build on their evaluation of the career paths open to them. The day, entitled 2012 Vision, focused on where they want to be in four years at the time of the London Olympics and what they will need to do to ensure they achieve their aim. The day also included presentations from the universities of Cambridge and Warwick.