Picking up on penguin facts

It may feel cold in Barnet at the moment, but it’s just a light chill compared with the temperatures experienced by penguins!

Year 7 and 8 boys in QE’s Geoexplorers club have been finding out about the Antarctic birds and how they cope with winter temperatures that average -40C to -70C.

Geography teacher Tessa Roberts said "Boys learned how these ‘cool creatures’ have special feathers and feet to adapt to the extreme cold. They made models of penguins from recycled egg boxes and then surrounded them with flags representing member countries of the Antarctic Treaty.”

The club, which meets every Friday lunchtime, has also run two quizzes this term. More than 50 boys took part in teams in the London Underground Challenge, while a second quiz, How well do you know QE? focused on matters even closer to home.

Next term, the club will be looking at the Geography of art and doing some landscape drawings.