Pursuing His Entrepreneurial Dream

""With the launch of his own company, Antony Pink has realised a long-standing ambition to become an entrepreneur.

Antony (OE 2000-2007) was a keen rugby-player during his time at School, when he was known as Kishan. He later began to use his middle name Antony and went on to study Business Management at Nottingham University, where he developed a fascination with business, which has been a constant theme in his life.

“While at Nottingham I was involved in business start-up societies and it was always in my mind that one day I would like to launch a business of my own.”

After university, Antony joined multinational management consultancy Accenture as a consultant, aligned to Accenture’s IT Strategy practice and working predominantly within the financial services sector and in communications and media sectors.

Nearly four years later, in 2014, he took the decision to leave a secure job and instead launch a mobile start-up company, Laundrapp, with two business partners. They have raised £1.5million of seed funding from well-known investors Rupert Hambro (former Chairman of Hambros Bank) and Dominic Perks.

Laundrapp offers customers a door-to-door laundry and dry-cleaning collection and delivery service, initially operating in London and five other UK cities.

One of Laundrapp’s strategies was to advertise heavily and to invest in PR. A six-figure marketing investment resulted in TV and radio commercials, online and outdoor advertising, and posters on the Underground (in stations and in trains). Features in the Daily Telegraph, Guardian and Daily Mail, as well as articles in the specialist business and technology press, have also formed part of the marketing mix.

Laundrapp is available on iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android.